Thanksgiving Rentals on South Padre Island

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays in which families across the United States come together and celebrate with turkey, mashed potatoes, football, and the usual suspects such as ornery uncles and cranberry sauce that only a few people eat. However, aside from all the traditional family feasts and festivities at mom’s or grandma’s house, why not bring the whole family down to Texas for Thanksgiving and stay in one of our South Padre Island properties provided by Franke Rentals?

Turkey Day at Home

When the time arrives to eat dinner, there is almost nothing better than having a meal with all the accoutrements painstakingly prepared by loved ones. Fortunately, each one of our Thanksgiving vacation rentals in South Padre Island provides well-equipped kitchens with modern appliances and plenty of space to prepare the bird. The conveniently located kitchens also allow for the intoxicating aromas to permeate every space in your rental property, so whether you are just lounging on the couch watching football or outside playing a game yourself, Thanksgiving Day will still have all those specific sights, sounds and smells.

Thanksgiving Restaurants

If the idea of working in a kitchen all day sounds horrid, thankfully South Padre Island has a slew of hotel resorts and restaurants that offer a wide variety of dining options. From mom-and-pop establishments that serve buffet style dinners to elegant full-service, white tablecloth, five-course meals, South Padre Island will provide the right restaurant for you and your family. For more upscale dinners, check Liam’s Steak House & Oyster Bar or the Sea Ranch; both are on the expensive side, but the experience and dishes are priceless. The Isla Grand Resort always hosts a buffet style dinner, and if you truly seek an out-of-this-world nautical Thanksgiving in Texas, visit the Schlitterbahn Beach Resort on Turkey Day.

Holiday Kick-Off

The entire weekend around Thanksgiving is based not only on the dinner itself, but the events and activities that accompany the big feast. On South Padre Island, this means the annual kick-off to the holiday season leading to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. One of the biggest events every year is the Holiday Sandcastle Village, where artists create their most impressive sand sculptures for the public. Additionally, the non-profit organization Sand Castle Island also offers educational activities such as SandCamp Saturdays which not only inform and enlighten about coastal issues, but the groups also work to clean up the city’s beaches. For more information about what’s happening in town, don’t forget to visit the South Padre Island Visitor’s Bureau website.

Break with tradition and plan a memorable vacation excursion in our Thanksgiving vacation rentals in South Padre Island with Franke Rentals today!