The Stables in South Padre Island

You know the exact image: You are riding a horse along a sandy beach, blue waves rolling under your horse’s hooves as the sun sets in the distance. Most people will only dream of this image. When you visit South Padre Island, you can make it come to life with a horse ride at The Stables in South Padre Island.

Flexible Scheduling

The Stables offers rides from sunrise to sunset year-round. They boast that they’re the only riding facility that offers rides that always fit your schedule.

Comfortable Rides at The Stables

You can bring the whole family along for the ride. Children must be at least 6 years old to ride. The Stables in South Padre Island staff will not only get you on a horse, but they’ll make sure you feel comfortable on one as well. They’ll instruct you on how to ride as well as safety and horse communication tips. SPI also offers classes on grooming, general care, saddle and tack, and all levels of riding. You can even take polo lessons.


Riding at SPI is affordable. For an hour sunrise ride, you’ll pay $50. For a 45-minute early morning or late afternoon ride, you’ll pay $40. An hour sunset ride costs $60. You can take an hour polo lesson for $90, or a half hour horse riding lesson in the arena for $45. It’s important to note that rides during the summer only happen in the early morning or late afternoon to protect the horses from heat exhaustion.

If you can spare an hour from your busy vacation, a visit to The Stables is worth it. South Padre Island’s wide, flat sandy beaches are perfect for horse riding. And with names like Pokey, Whiskey, and Prince, you won’t want to miss your chance to meet these beautiful, powerful creatures. Visit SPI Stables and much more while you’re here. Call us or visit our website today to start planning your vacation and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!