Parasailing Adventure in South Padre Island

A trip to South Padre Island is a great opportunity to getaway and enjoy some much-needed time for yourself. If you are seeking an interesting getaway, the Parasailing Adventure in South Padre Island gives you the chance to experience nature with a touch of adventure.

Adventure Time!

Offered by Lobo Del Mar Activities, this parasailing adventure is something that you have to experience. Imagine soaring in the sky as you get an aerial-view of South Padre Island. This can be you when you book your ticket for this adventurous experience. Parasailing in South Padre Island is one of the popular adventure activities we recommend. You’ll get to experience the island in a way that you fellow grounded vacationers simply won’t. In the air, you’ll experience spectacular views of the landscape as well as the opportunity to spot local wildlife such as osprey hawks to pods of bottle-nose dolphins.

What to Expect

Your parasailing adventure in South Padre Island starts with a pickup at the local Lobo Del Mar Cafe. The adventure is about 45 minutes in total, and it starts with a short boat ride to the bay. Once you reach the bay, that’s when the parasailing fun begins! The actual time parasailing is about 10 mins. You will have the assistance of your guide as they help you with a smooth takeoff and landing. While you are gliding through the air like a bird, relax and let yourself thoroughly enjoy the experience of being above it all. Feel the warm breeze on your skin. Marvel at the beautiful landscape and take in the sights of all the local wildlife from a bird’s eye view. Once you descend to earth, you will head back to Lobo Del Mar Cafe where you can get a bite to eat after your adventurous outing.

Parasailing Adventure in South Padre Island Details

The Parasailing Adventure South Padre Island is for everyone. This adventure is limited to a maximum of six participants to ensure a personable experience. As this event is for both children and adults, all children must be accompanied by an adult to participate. It should be noted that the Parasailing Adventure South Padre is wheelchair accessible throughout the entirety of the event. Tickets start at $69 per person, and all confirmations will be received at the time of the booking. In the case of cancellations, full refunds are available if the cancellation was submitted a least 24 hours before the day of the parasailing in South Padre Island adventure.

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Parasailing Adventure South Padre Island
Lobo Del Mar Cafe
204 Palm Street
South Padre Island, TX 78597
Rates: From $69.00