Getting Around South Padre Island

Once you’ve settled on a beach vacation destination such as South Padre Island, the last thing you’ll want to do when you arrive is spend time figuring out the best way to get around. Maximize your time on the beach by exploring in advance the transportation options available on South Padre Island. Most visitors find South Padre Island easy to navigate with few transportation hassles. Consider these options for getting around South Padre Island on your beach getaway!

Visiting South Padre Island: Island Metro

Many residents and visitors alike opt to use the island’s bus system, Island Metro. Funded by the Texas Department of Transportation, this comprehensive transportation option is completely free! Utilizing South Padre Island’s bus system is definitely the most budget-friendly option for getting around South Padre Island. Island Metro offers multiple routes than run the length of the island and across the Queen Isabella Causeway into Port Isabel. The bus makes many stops along the way, including at beaches, hotels, restaurants, and other South Padre Island attractions. You can even bring along your bike and check your email along the way, as each bus is equipped with a bike rack, free Wi-Fi, and wheelchair lifts. Island Metro runs from 7am to 9pm, with most stops offering service every half hour.


If you need transportation after 9pm or you simply don’t want to wait for the bus, consider calling for a taxi. While you’ll find some taxis lined up in the Entertainment District in the evenings, at other locations and times you’ll need to call a taxi company to secure a ride. A Cabs, B.B.’s Taxi, J J Taxi, and Padre Cab Co. are the main options you’ll find for taking a taxi in South Padre Island.

Rental Car

For the convenience of being able to travel anywhere at any time and to have the ability to venture further afield beyond the island’s bounds, consider renting a car for your South Padre Island vacation. However, if you plan on spending much of your time lounging at the beach and exploring the nearby South Padre Island attractions, you may find a car rental to be an unnecessary hassle.

Walk or Bike

With many of South Padre Island’s top attractions within easy reach, many opt to walk or bike to their destination. Walking or biking to nearby beaches, shops, and restaurants adds an element of fun to your vacation!

Stay & Play in South Padre Island

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