Top “Strange” Attractions South Padre TX to Visit While Here

Just because you are on vacation does not mean you have to stick with the “run of the mill” tourist attractions that everyone is sure to see. South Padre Island, Texas is full of “strange” attractions that are only known to those who do some digging. Here are the top strange attractions South Padre Island TX to visit while visiting South Padre Island:

Walk into the Mouth of a Giant Shark

You will find several different tourist shops along South Padre Island, but none is more unique than Jaws located on Padre Boulevard. What makes this shop so unique, besides being named after the classic film, is the entrance. In order to get into this shop, you need to walk through the mouth of a giant shark. This shark is so big that it’s tail extends over the roof of the building. Don’t worry, you will not lose a limb walking through this monstrosity. Visit Jaws for the perfect “strange” family attractions in South Padre Island TX that is sure to provide you with unlimited picture-perfect moments.

Christ of the Fishermen

In Brazil, you can find the Christ the Redeemer statue that draws in thousands of tourists each year to worship its exquisite craftsmanship and religious importance. South Padre Island decided in 1999 they needed their own smaller version named Christ of the Fishermen that is dedicated to all of the lives that have been lost at sea. This “mini” statue is small when compared to its original counterpart but is still a good size. You can find this (of many) unique family attractions in South Padre Island TX at the south tip of the island just off Padre Blvd. Admission to see the statue is $10 per vehicle. Neat tip: Go for walk along the beach and see the statue for free during your vacation.

Hardhat Tree

Like most barrier islands, South Padre Island can have some interesting items wash ashore. Over the years some of these items have included numerous hardhats that were turned into a work of art along the north shore of the island. This “strange” hardhat tree has only added more hats over the years and is one of the unique attractions South Padre Island TX to stumble upon during your beach exploration.

Allison the Sea Turtle

While this may be slightly more of a tourist attraction than the aforementioned sights, it’s worth it. First of all, a visit to Sea Turtle Inc is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. Secondly, the cost of your admission goes to a good cause. Sea Turtle Inc is a rescue facility located at 6617 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597. Their sole purpose is to rescue sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat. When a return to the sea isn’t possible, they take these magical creatures and create a home for them. Their most famous resident is Allison, a beloved sea turtle who has won the hearts of many after being featured on the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, and People Magazine. After being attacked in 2005 by an ocean predator, she became the first sea turtle to successfully swim using a fin prosthesis. That’s right, she made history and now you can say you know her. While an autograph isn’t possible, there’s always the gift shop.

Walk the Plank

Is there anything stranger than being swept away on a pirate ship? Set sail on a pirate ship where Captain Black-Hearted Andy invites you to join him and a jolly crew of wastrels and brigands on an interactive pirate adventure cruise. Learn to speak pirate, hunt for treasure, and fight with the best of them as dolphins almost always flank the ship.

Rent some Wheels and Embark on an Art Walk

A little-known fact about South Padre Island is that works of art are hiding everywhere. If you really want to get creative, keep track of all the sea turtle sculptures you see throughout the island during your stay. At the end of your trip, visit for an updated map of the Sea Turtle Art Trail and see if you found them all. Here’s the backstory: Local artists were provided a fiberglass sea turtle form, adorned in nothing by a rough factory primer, creating a blank canvas awaiting the unique artistic expression of each artist. Using whatever art media inspired them, the artists created and 5-10 sea turtles that are now proudly displayed throughout the island. Rent a bike, a scooter, or a mini car and see if you can find them all. Bonus points if you grab some clever selfies with your new statue friends!

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