Top 5 Most Incredible Places to See in South Padre Island

You will find some great sights and views during your South Padre Island vacation getaway, but some are more incredible than others. Here are the top five most incredible places to see in South Padre Island:

Largest Outdoor Sandcastle

Who would have thought that South Padre Island would be home to the largest outdoor sandcastle in the United States? Local artist Andy Hancock created this beautiful monstrosity back in October of 2013; it has since been seen across all kinds of publications. Repairs have just been completed this year due to recent damage, making it the perfect time to view. Check out this and other sandcastles near the South Padre Island Visitor Center.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Check out one of the few lighthouses in the country that will let you go up to the top at Port Isabel Lighthouse. This lighthouse has been guiding ships since 1853 and allows you to get an unprecedented view of the island. An entry fee of $4 is charged for each person to visit the top, and it undeniably one of the best places to see in South Padre Island.

Laguna Madre Nature Trail

You will see all kinds of incredible wildlife across the 1,500-foot boardwalk found on the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. This location is often visited by bird watchers to see the various migratory birds that visit South Padre Island each year. You will see all kinds of species you have not even imagined of when you visit the Laguna Madre Nature Trail.

Dolphin Watching

Many aquatic animals spend their time in the waters that surround South Padre Island and can easily be seen. You can find many charters and dolphin watching tours in town that will take you on the water, giving you incredible views of dolphins, sea turtles, and many more majestic animals.


No things to see in South Padre Island can beat the one from 11,000 feet in the air during the skydiving tours available on the island. You will fall at 150 miles-per-hour toward the crystal blue waters seen below. You will never forget an incredible experience such as this as you soar over the coast of South Padre Island.

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