Salt Walker Fishing Charters

As you are planning your South Padre Island vacation, you may also be searching for adventures to partake in during your stay. Beach days are chill and relaxing, but you don’t want to come all this way and miss out on our favorite island activities. Visiting museums, watching out for sea turtles, hiking, biking, and fishing—all these activities are a big part of island life, and when you really want a genuine island experience, the amazing folks at Salt Walker Fishing Charters are here to give you a hand! Offering a variety of seafaring adventures that range from deep sea fishing to whale watching, Captain Michael Walker and his boat, the Salt Walker, can lead you on a voyage into the deep waters where the fish are always biting.

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Even if you are still in the planning stages of your unforgettable Texas vacation, we would advise you to go ahead and book your adventure today; Salt Walker Fishing Charters is quite popular, and you would hate to miss out on a chance to experience one of these deep-sea adventures!

Check out the Oil Rig Fishing Trip to the Perdido Spar, the deepest offshore oil rig in the world. Yellowfin tuna are the target fish of this excursion, but opportunities to catch swordfish occasionally happen as well. For fishing charters that target specific fish, you will have a couple of different options, starting with red snapper. Red snapper season starts in June, and there are limits to how many you can catch, but it’s definitely an experience that will impress your friends. Marlin and sailfish trips offer the chance to snag a true trophy fish for the wall of your den. Finally, the tuna & bonito fishing adventures target some of our favorite fish to eat!

Whichever adventure appeals to you the most, you’ll quickly understand that Captain Walker has a passion for his job, which means you will bring home a great haul at the end of your charter. Because he tries to give his customers the ultimate deep-sea fishing experience, he has reef permits that allow you to catch the most delicious fish of all, amberjack and snapper.

For the ultimate in charter experiences, the Salt Walker will take you where the whales love to play on their whale watching tours. Lasting between 5 to 36 hours and costing $850 up to $3400, your deep-sea fishing adventure may put a little dent in your vacation budget, but if you start saving now, you’ll definitely find these voyages are worth a little extra time, effort, and expense.

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