Air Padre Kiteboarding

Air Padre Kiteboarding

When vacationing on South Padre Island, the ability to determine the type of vacation you can have is often one of the biggest draws. Keep it lazy and simple by sleeping in late every morning, enjoying brunch on the deck of your Franke Rentals private home on the gulf, then meandering down to the water for an afternoon of swimming, sunning, and napping. For the daredevils who look at every trip as a chance for a new adventure, their vacations may end up looking slightly different. Each day will bring about a new challenge, most of which can found at Air Padre Kiteboarding!

South Padre Island Kiteboarding Lessons

Located at 5709A Padre Boulevard in South Padre Adventurers and innovators are never satisfied with the status quo. Their motto in life, “If you’re not moving forward, you may as well be standing still,” is evident in one of the latest crazes to hit the beaches: kiteboarding. Combining a board beneath your feet similar to a wakeboard and a giant sail (or kite), participants glide across the water powered by the wind. Air Padre was one of the first businesses in the area to jump on board the kiteboarding trend, offering lessons for novice daredevils, and today has grown to include lessons, rentals, and equipment for all manner of water sports.

Offering private, group, and women’s kiteboarding lessons to start with, you can also rent or purchase the equipment you need right there in their store. Kite buggy lessons are also offered, another wind-powered adventure, only this one involves a three-wheeled buggy that zips across the sand flats. Costing only $99 for a 1-hour lesson, kite buggy riding is the perfect activity for those who aren’t quite sure of their daredevil capabilities!

Kite landboarding is another extreme sport offered by Air Padre; this lesson involving a type of oversized skateboard with large wheels powered by the wind via a sail attached to you like a parachute. Kitesurfing involves a surfboard and a sail, and veteran surfers may find this sport easier to master, as the standard surfboard is already their friend!SUP and standard surfing lessons round out the list of lessons provided by this venerable company. Oh, and did we mention they also offer kayak and jet ski tours? If it’s water related, Air Padre either teaches it, rents it, offers it for sale, or leads the way in a world of followers!

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Driving back to your Franke Rentals waterfront townhouse is the only way to make this vacation even better than it already is; reserve yours today and re-discover the daredevil that resides deep inside! Be sure to check out our amazing book direct vacation condos today!

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