Easter in South Padre Island

Celebrate Easter in South Padre Island. Here you’ll get to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of spring through an assortment of activities. Whether you are hunting for Easter eggs on the beach or attending a local Easter service, a quick getaway to South Padre Island has much in store for you. Here are some interesting Easter outings and other South Padre Island family activities.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Get the kids and let’s get going to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Watch as your little ones search the terrain for special prize-filled Easter eggs. Held at the South Padre Farmer’s Market, before or after the event stop by one or several of the vendors to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables. Admission to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and other family attractions in South Padre Island TX is free.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Each year thousands of Christians in Mexico and Spain celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week). This is the week leading to Easter. During this time many Christians have two weeks of vacation for the holy week as well as the following week which is referred to as Semana Pascua (Easter Week). This time is tenanted as very religiously special. If you are celebrating Semana Santa, a trip to South Padre Island is an excellent choice as a convenient vacation option.

South Padre Island Family Activities: Windsurfing

During your Easter getaway, considering family attractions in South Padre Island TX like taking a go at windsurfing. Windsurfing is a popular water sport in South Padre Island. South Padre Island has the perfect conditions for successful windsurfing. The combination of the warm temperatures in the area, the steady warm breeze as well as the shallow waters at Laguna Madre are offer the best conditions for windsurfing. Even if you’ve never windsurfed, there are companies such as Windsurf the Boatyard that offer windsurfing lessons with professional, experienced instructors.

Planning Your Easter Getaway

Easter is a great time to get away and experience South Padre Island. Come enjoy the warm weather with lots of fun and sun on the beach. Look no further than Franke Rentals for your vacation lodging in South Padre Island. We have a variety of quality vacation rentals to suit your needs. Let us know where you would like to stay in South Padre Island, and we’ll get you the vacation rental you desire. For more information, contact us at 956-761-2607.