Weekend Trip to South Padre Island

It’s finally the weekend! If you have been waiting for the beloved Saturday and Sunday to take a much-needed vacation from your small town or busy city, we have the perfect place for you. South Padre Island is a beautiful beach destination along the Texas Gulf Coast that offers outdoor activities, luxurious accommodation options, nearby shops, tasty restaurants, and incredible beaches to spend a fun 48 hours. You can find amenity-laden South Padre Island accommodation rentals that are chock full of luxury, featuring modern touches, stainless steel appliances, comfortable en suite bedrooms, and proximity to the best things to do in the area. Let’s see the most popular activities and where you should stay during your short but meaningful trip to South Padre Island!

Plan a Trip to South Padre Island with Franke Rentals

Are you thinking of the best things to do for your weekend trip? If you only have a limited amount of time here on South Padre Island, find out things to do beforehand so you can make the most out of your 48 hours! We have a few things that are absolute “must-dos” during your holiday. Check out the best activities and attractions on South Padre Island that are suitable for outdoor lovers, adventure seekers, and those who just want to relax on their holiday.

One of the main reasons why people come to this picturesque town is to check out the local beaches. Even locals love coming here, since the beaches are extremely clean and not crowded. We recommend using a professional rental company or tour company so you can learn the basics of how to snorkel, paddleboard, or scuba dive during your weekend vacation. One of the best kept secrets in South Padre Island among the locals is the quiet and secluded Barracuda Cove Beach! If you want to sit on the sand and read a book or take a nap, this is the ideal place to go to sunbathe and avoid throngs of tourists. North Access Beach is actually home to a few different beaches around 30 minutes’ north of Beach Access 6. Head here to really enjoy untouched nature, unspoiled marine life, and less people than beaches near downtown South Padre Island. Pack a lunch and your own umbrella and head here! If you are in the mood for something a little more fast-paced, we recommend renting jet skis from a nearby company and cruising on the open ocean!

Check out one of the local island bars to meet some locals, have a few drinks, and take in the beautiful views. Plus, some of these island bars are swim-up bars or drive-up boat bars. If you have a boat dock rental, you can take your boat to an island bar for a unique experience.

For a weekend trip to South Padre Island with your children, we recommend heading to the South Padre Island Gravity Park for some excitement and adventure! Your kids will love the fun adventures, while parents will enjoy getting out of the house and having this fun, but safe, experience.

If you only have a weekend in South Padre Island, getting on the water is an absolute must. For those who don’t want to go kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or canoeing, renting a fishing charter can be a fun and relaxed way to be on the water and test your luck with the fish!

Last, but not least, we have scuba diving! Check out some of the underwater marine life and get a unique view of the island by diving deep underwater and taking some lessons with seasoned professionals.

South Padre Island Weekend Rentals

Does South Padre Island sound like somewhere you would enjoy? Of course it does! This picturesque town is perfectly located right on the Gulf and offers extensive views of the water, tons of things to do all-year-round, and luxury rental properties that will make your vacation incredible. Those who are thinking of coming to South Padre Island for the weekend should look at Franke Rentals. We offer everything you could ever want in an apartment or condominium without being overpriced! Instead of spending every waking hour looking for a hotel room, which is often hundreds of dollars for very little perks, choose one of these condo rentals to suit all of your needs.

Whether you would like a smaller one-bedroom condo for less money, or an upscale three-bedroom apartment with everything you could ever think of, Franke Rentals has it all. Tenants will love the comfortable bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, modern and thoughtful touches (like a heated towel rack!), cozy furnishings with a personal touch, ample seating for all of your guests, and stainless steel kitchen appliances for cooking.

Don’t do it all on your own — use Franke Rentals to plan a trip to South Padre Island and find the perfect accommodation for a weekend break!