Adventure Seeker’s Journey to South Padre Island

South Padre Island is one of the best vacation destinations in Texas. The barrier island is situated in the Gulf of Mexico just off the southern coast of Texas. It is known for its miles of soft sandy beaches and for the warm, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you’re traveling with your significant other, your family, or a group of friends, South Padre Island has plenty of fun activities for everyone. You can spend your days laying out on the beach soaking up the sun and swimming in the warm shallow waters off the coast. If you’re looking for more thrilling activities, South Padre Island has plenty of fun adventure-filled activities for the thrill seeker in your group. Read about the reasons for you to visit South Padre Island below:

Trying Kiteboarding Off the Island

Kiteboarding is one of the most popular watersports on South Padre Island. The island’s calm waters and windy days make for the world-class kiteboarding conditions.

If you are new to kiteboarding, Air Padre offers several kiteboarding lessons. For complete beginners, they offer lessons that go over the basics of kiteboarding including learning how to control the inflatable kite and all the skills required to successfully ride the kiteboard. The beginner lesson costs $125 for two hours and includes all the gear necessary.

If you already know how to kiteboard and want to improve your skills, Air Padre also offers advanced kiteboard classes. The advanced class will help you perfect your transitions, teach you a few tricks, and other high-level kiteboarding maneuvers. The advanced class costs $195 for two hours and includes full boat support so that you don’t have to worry about riding upwind.

Look at South Padre Island from the sky

For the ultimate thrill-seeking activity, try skydiving over South Padre Island. Skydive SPI offers tandem jumps for beginners where you jump with an experienced skydive instructor. Your jump with includes a 60-second freefall from the height of 12,000 feet. You will then open up your parachute at 5,500 feet and enjoy a serene five to seven-minute descent over the picturesque South Padre Island.

You must be 18 years or old to skydive and weigh no more than 230 lbs. Skydives cost $230 per person and include photos and video from your jump.

South Padre Island Entertainment

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For more information on our vacation rentals or to book a home, please contact us today. Our concierge team can also provide you with recommendations for restaurants and activities near your rental. Visit South Padre Island today!