Zombie Charge 5K Obstacle Run Festival

Are you obsessed with the zombie apocalypse? Do you love to run? What if you could combine your love of running and zombies? Well, the Zombie Charge 5K Obstacle Run Festival will have you running for your life as you do your best to beat an obstacle course overrun with zombies!


A Challenging Race


Get ready to put on your best running shoes because you are going to need them for this 5K trail and obstacle course. There are two ways that you can enjoy this experience. You can choose to enter the race and obstacle course and be the one running away from the zombies in order to win a prize. You can also choose to be a zombie! Zombie Charge at South Padre Island even provides professional make-up styling to ensure you look like the gruesome part of a zombie. As a zombie, you’ll get to chase the registered racer runners, making their already difficult obstacle course more challenging. The option is yours!


How Zombie Charge Works


The Zombie Charge 5K Obstacle Run is an interesting alternative to the traditional 5K race. You’ll have to go through several muddy obstacles courses while also fighting off the clingy hands of zombies. Using a flag system, all runners receive a belt with three flags. It is the goal of the runner to make it to the “Safe Zone” (finish line) with at least one flag in order to be deemed a “survivor.” When a zombie takes all of your flags, you are “infected.” The flags are similar to lives on a video game. There is also the option to run on a course without obstacles, but on this course the zombies still come for you.


An Experience to Remember


While there are numerous 5k races you could attempt, the Zombie Charge at South Padre Island 5K Obstacle Run is one you’ll never forget, navigating the various obstacles throughout the course all while trying to avoid the grasp of a zombie. What’s even more challenging is doing so in mud. There are no dry, comfortable running conditions with this 5K race! At the end of the race, if you managed to evade the gripe of zombies, you’ll be included among the “survivors,” where you’ll receive an award. There will also be an after party where you’ll get to learn more about being health conscious, active and preparing for disasters…such as a zombie apocalypse. Contact Franke Rentals for any accommodation information so you can attend this years Zombie Charge!


Zombie Charge 5k Obstacle Run Festival

Oct 12, 2019

Claytons Beach Bar, 6900 Padre Blvd

South Padre Island, TX 78597

Phone: 832-896-6072

Cost: $69