Dargel Boat Owners Tournament

The great appeal of South Padre Island lies somewhere between its wonderful weather, white- sand beaches and scenic waves. Those with a passion for this warm southern Texas destination know that it’s just as tempting to get out on the water as it is to admire it from the shore. When summer is in full swing, South Padre Island celebrates the angler approach to island enjoyment by hosting the annual Dargel Boat Owners Tournament each June. A fun event for the whole family makes a trip to South Padre Island worthwhile when the warm summer months roll in.

SPI Fishing – Fun and a Fresh Catch

June 1st through the 3rd of 2019 marks the kick-off of the Dargel Boat owners Tournament which is suited for anglers of all ages looking for the next redfin catch of the day. Dargel Boats has been in the boat business since 1937. Today, the company still proudly holds the title of the longest standing family owned and operated boat manufacturer in the United States.
Between the many awards, door prizes and raffles there’s plenty of reason to join in on the competition. Whether you hit the waters independently or head out as a family, the Dargel Boat Owners Tournament is meant to celebrate the joys of SPI fishing. The tournament is divided by age, keeping competition fair for all. Inevitably, anglers will work up an appetite after a day out on the water but not to worry—every night of the tournament is followed by a meal for all participants. Enjoy a savory bite and get to know your fellow competitors as you discuss your shared passion for casting a line.

Registration Specifics

Signing up for the tournament is a breeze and can be done online or in-person at the South Padre Island Convention Center. This location also works as the tournament’s central hub for information. Adult anglers can register for a fee of $100.00 while kids can enter for $45.00. Those looking to participate in the daily dinner and social events without fishing can register for $45.00 as well.

End Every Day on a Good Note

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