Experience Horseback Riding on South Padre

If you are planning your next beach vacation, consider booking a trip to South Padre Island. Located off the shore of Texas, the island is known for its soft, sandy beaches that stretch along the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre.

South Padre Island is a popular destination because it is full of fun activities for everyone. You can spend your days relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun or explore the island by boat or even on a horse.

South Padre Island Adventure Park | Horseback Riding111 E. Corral St.

An adventure in the Lone Star State would not be complete without riding a horse across one of many majestic landscapes. From the shoreline to the open desert, the viewpoint from horseback reigns supreme. Fortunately, when you reserve a vacation home or condominium with Franke Rentals, we offer opportunities for you and your whole family to play cowboy for a day. Of course, many visitors to South Padre Island come here to explore the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, but there is so much more to do, and one of those activities includes horses. There are several notable horseback riding South Padre Island tours for you to enjoy.

SPI Stables

For a variety of exciting horseback riding on South Padre options, including riding lessons, polo lessons, rides on the beach and more, SPI Stables is the perfect choice! The South Padre Island Equestrian Center located at the SPI Stables allows visitors to learn the basics such as safety tips, grooming as well as saddle and tack instruction. SPI Stables offers flexible rides times to match your own hectic schedule (limited hours during the summer due to heat), plus great low prices to be sure your whole family can enjoy the adventure without straining your vacation budget.

Enjoy the Spectacular Sunrise Ride for just $50 and enjoy a scenic, one-hour ride along the Gulf of Mexico as the sun rises over the water. SPI Stables also offers 45-minute rides during the morning and afternoon, as well as a $60 Sunset Ride. Riders must be 6 years of age and under 240 pounds.

If you’re a first-time rider, SPI Stables offers great lessons to help you pick up the fundamentals. If you enjoy the sport of polo, as stated above, these outfitters will help you learn, and if already know how to play or want to see a match, the SPI Polo Club holds events throughout the year. In fact, the United States Polo Association holds matches at one of the nearby polo fields and oftentimes, the events have live entertainment and food vendors. More seasoned riders can take part in polo lessons and learn more about one of our favorite equine sports.

Call SPI Stables at (956) 761-7743 or visit their website at http://www.spistables.com/ to learn more today!

South Padre Island Adventures

South Padre Island Adventures offers several options for guided horseback rides around the island. They have a morning horseback ride, a horseback ride for the whole family, a sunset horseback ride, and a moonlight horseback ride.

The morning horseback ride takes you around South Padre Island to explore the beach when it is the least busy and before the sun gets too hot. The ride begins at 10 a.m. and lasts for an hour and a half. The cost of the ride is $45 per person.

If you want to enjoy horseback riding on South Padre Island with your whole family then consider their Family Favorite HorseBack Ride. The ride starts at 3 p.m. and will take your whole family down the beach. The cost is $40 per person and the ride is one hour long.

South Padre Island is known for its gorgeous sunsets, which is why they also offer a Spectacular Sunset Horseback Ride. The ride lasts for two hours and takes you from the Gulf of Mexico to Laguna Madre where you will ride along the bay and watch the sun go down. This is one of their best horseback rides and you will often see sea life and beautiful sand dune flowers on the ride. The cost is $65 per person and the ride begins at 6 p.m.

During a full moon, and the eight days surrounding it, South Padre Island Adventures offers a Moonlight Horseback Ride. The guided ride leaves at dusk and takes you to the top of a sand dune where you get unparalleled views of the moon rising over the water.

Riders must be 6 years old or older and there is a 300-pound weight limit. Departure times aren’t exact and vary by year, so it is best to make reservations online.

Attractions Nearby

After a day exploring the countryside or the shoreline on horseback, come home to your comfortable vacation rental to relax and rejuvenate. In addition to horseback rides, there are still plenty of other ways to stay entertained on South Padre Island.

If you visit in the summer, the Schlitterbahn Water Park is one of the most sought-after attractions, especially when the temperature tops 100 degrees consistently for three months! For nature lovers, the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge provides more than 90,000 acres of diverse wetland ecosystem that is perfect for hiking, fishing, birdwatching and exploring the marsh. If you want to stay closer to home, the Laguna Madre Nature Trail offers a similar experience.

To learn more about wildlife in the region, visit Sea Turtle, Inc. and see these loveable animals as well as how to protect them. The Dolphin Research & Sealife Nature Center not only informs about preservation and conservation of these aquatic mammals, but it also provides a hands-on experience with marine life. Both conservation centers are excellent places for everyone to visit, but the kids will especially love them.

Planning Your Stay After Experiencing Horseback Riding on South Padre

If you are looking for accommodation on South Padre Island, consider booking one of our vacation homes. Our vacation homes range from one bedroom condos to large four bedroom homes. All of our homes are furnished with high-quality furniture and are just steps away from the beach. For more information on our homes or to book a rental, please contact one of our rental specialists today.