Ceviche Ceviche

The origins of the popular dish ceviche are somewhat murky since there is no definitive evidence on where it arose after the Spanish brought citrus to the New World. However, many consider the present-day dish as a product of Peru (though some in neighboring Chile would disagree), and though its origins are often disputed, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Raw seafood “cooked” in lemon and lime juice alongside the right mixture of spices is one of the best things on the planet, at least for those who eat seafood! Ceviche Ceviche is one place that, as their name would imply, boasts truly mouthwatering ceviche.

Fresh Catch

The idea behind the simple goodness at Ceviche Ceviche in South Padre Island is that the establishment works on one thing and one thing alone, specializing in making this delectably sour dish. The kitchen only serves one type of fish, mahi-mahi, but this popular fish not only exudes flavor and quality, it is also one of the best types to use in ceviche. Although many recipes add several kinds of seafood such as octopus, abalone and other shellfish, at Ceviche Ceviche, the simple options are mahi-mahi and shrimp; both selections can be mixed or chosen alone. The seafood is always fresh, as it is usually caught hours before it arrives at the restaurant.

Creative Ceviche Ceviche

When ordering at Ceviche Ceviche, guests start by choosing their seafood. Then, depending on the selection chosen, they can add the typical ingredients which include chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, peppers and avocado or select more exciting flavors such as strawberries, white grapes, capers, olives, mango or pineapple! The kitchen also has a specialty menu. Try The Islander, which is made with mango, jicama, cantaloupe and cucumber, or the Tiger’s Milk, which comes with extra citrus juice, spicy serrano peppers and cilantro. Whatever option you choose or create yourself, if you love fresh seafood, there is not a wrong selection on the menu.

Need to Know

Ceviche Ceviche in South Padre Island is located just north of the Queen Isabella Causeway Bridge on Padre Boulevard. Inside the restaurant, there is a small space to dine. However, it is considered more of a to-go spot. Additionally, there is another location in nearby Port Isabel, so you are never too far away from some of the best ceviche on this side of the border.

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