Black Dragon Cruises

Have you ever wanted to sail like a pirate and experience an adventure on the high seas? Enjoying Black Dragon Cruises is your chance! Aboard ship, you’ll be introduced to pirates, have water gun fights, and watch cannons being fired. It’s fun for the whole family on your next South Padre Island vacation!

The Story

The 75-foot, four-deck Black Dragon is a replica of a 17th century galleon that is chartered by Osprey Cruises. When you sail with the Black Dragon, you’ll be transported back to a time when men like Jean Lafitte sailed the Gulf of Mexico. Lafitte was a 19th century privateer who smuggled slaves and goods onto the mainland United States. Lafitte and his men actually fought for Gen. Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 before he returned to his pirating ways.

Food and Fun on Black Dragon Cruises in South Padre Island

Aboard the Black Dragon, you can buy snacks and drinks, including beer, wine and rum and tequila cocktails. You can memorialize your trip with photos with the Black Dragon Cruises in South Padre Island’s captain and crew. You’ll hear pirate stories and music. For the kids, there’s face painting, treasure hunts, water pistol battles and sword fighting. There’s even a show before you set sail. If you get the ship a half hour before sailing, you can meet the pirates, enjoy their improv, and watch them “fire” the 9 lb. Gollywobbler cannon. Aboard, you can watch more cannons being fired. Though the on-board battles are actually a combination of light and sound effects, they give you a great sense of what a 17th-century battle on the high seas would have been like.


Tours on the Black Dragon Cruises in South Padre Island cost $38 for adults and $27 for children. They last two hours, and you can choose between an afternoon cruise that occurs 1-3 p.m. or a sunset cruise, 4-6 p.m. The Black Dragon departs from Port Isabel.

Experiencing Black Dragon Cruises offers fun for the whole family. Come to South Padre Island and experience this and so much more. We’ll help you find the vacation home that you’ll love coming back to after a full day of fun out on the high seas. Call us or visit our website today to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!