Texas International Fishing Tournament

Come enjoy the gorgeous views from South Padre Island, Texas while throwing your hand into a world-renowned fishing tournament. The Texas International Fishing Tournament is gearing up for another exciting competition just off the shore of South Padre Island with some of the best fishing conditions and prizes that wait for competitors. Take a look at what you can enjoy during the Texas International Fishing Tournament:

80 Exciting Years of Fishing

The Texas International Fishing Tournament has been around since 1933, making this one of South Padre Island’s longest-running events. TIFT t is so popular it often draws around 1,500 anglers each year to throw their name in the ring. The tournament is held across two days of fishing where participants will try to reel in their most impressive catches. Participants are divided into three separate divisions: the bay, tarpon, and offshore divisions. Offshore boats are required for the tournament as the biggest prizes can only be found further out into the sea. Planning to participate in the Texas International Fishing Tournament is made easier with local rental shops helping along the way.

Just as Fun to Watch

You do not have to be a participant to enjoy the annual Texas International Fishing Tournament. The crowd of onlookers often reaches 10,000 strong as families cheer on their loved ones. Some of the most exciting moments to witness in person are junior anglers smiling from ear to ear as they weigh their first catch of the tournament. The TIFT runs from Friday through Saturday as the participants have two full days to reel in the big one. An awards ceremony and special lunch wrap up this exciting event on Sunday.

Contact to Register

If you are looking to register for the Texas International Fishing Tournament, make sure to contact the organization in advance. They can be reached by calling 956-943-8438 or by emailing info@tift.org. This year’s Texas International Fishing Tournament is scheduled to take place from July 31st through August 4th. Make sure you summer ends with an incredible event like the Texas International Fishing Tournament that can only be found on South Padre Island.

Experience South Padre Island

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