Things to Do for Halloween on South Padre Island

Whenever most people think of Halloween, they think about the fall season and with it the cooler temperatures that come with it. The sun is always shining right here in South Padre Island, making it an incredible spot to spend your Halloween holiday plans. A variety of events and activities can be enjoyed here for a thrilling time. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to spend Halloween on South Padre Island this year:

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Elite Redfish Tournament

If you are visiting South Padre Island in the week leading up to Halloween, you can join in on the competition found at Elite Redfish Tournament. This angler fishing tournament is based upon the popular ELight Fishing League TV Tour now airing on the Discovery Channel. This thrilling event will see up to 40 anglers fish at a competition level just below the Elite Fishing League Tour. South Padre Island is a great place for fishing as the waters are surrounded with an abundance of deep-sea fish. If you consider yourself a high-level amateur angler, you may want to consider the Elite Redfish Tournament taking place on October 23rd at Lobo Del Mar on South Padre Island. Even if you do not partake in the tournament the fall season is a great time to try your hand at deep sea fishing. There are various charters you can book right here on South Padre Island that will take you out to waters that are known for plenty of fish to reel up. You will be given all the bait and tackle you need along with all the fishing gear and licenses. Let these charters take care of the hard work for you so you can sit back with a rod in hand and try your hand at fishing!

Relax on the Beach

There may not be any Halloween-specific events on South Padre Island but that does not mean you cannot relax during your stay. The fall season is a quieter time of year on South Padre Island so take advantage of the peace and quiet. One of the best ways to do just that is by hanging out on the beach. South Padre Island is known for some beautiful beaches that stretch from top to bottom on the island. The beaches will practically be empty allowing you to take as much space for yourself as you could want. There are several sandcastle builders who offer some exciting classes to show you how to build modern masterpieces on the beach. The waters might be a little chillier than you are used to but still refreshing to take a dip in. Don’t wait and check out the incredible beaches we have right here on South Padre Island!

Hit the Local Bars

One of the best ways for adults to take in the Halloween holiday weekend right here on South Padre Island is hanging out at the local watering holes. Many of the bars in the area feature exciting specials around different holidays including Halloween. Since you are on an island you can also expect these bars to feature spacious outdoor patios where you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage with direct views of the ocean. Some popular spots in town that are frequented by locals and visitors alike include Clayton’s Beach Bar and Event Venue, Tequila Sunset, and Coral Reef Lounge just to name a few. Many of these places feature live music or DJs on the weekend too. Have a spooky good time at these local bars and clubs!

Enjoy Some Fall Dining at Local Restaurants

Another great way to enjoy the slower travel season here on South Padre Island around Halloween is to head out to the local restaurants. You should find each spot to be quieter than the busier summer months allowing you to easily grab a table. Fine dining has never tasted so good than how it does over at Sea Ranch. This local seafood joint uses only wild-caught seafood for a decadent selection of options. Additional entrees include steaks grilled to order and homemade pasta. Pair your meal with one of their handcrafted cocktails. The two-story restaurant gives you easy views of the marina just outside. For more casual fare try out Ceviche Ceviche for some of the best ceviche you have ever tasted. Blackbeards’ has been around since 1978 and offers all kinds of comfort food including fried seafood and juicy burgers. Enjoy your meal right here on South Padre Island!

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Halloween on South Padre Island

As you can see, a Halloween getaway to South Padre Island is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy some sunshine. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay, so don’t wait and book one for yourself today.