Top Tours to Experience in South Padre Island

When it comes to the best possible summer getaway, look no further than South Padre Island. Our Texas hideaway features everything from exciting local attractions to beautiful beaches. During your stay on South Padre Island, you may wish to head out and explore everything the island has to offer. If so, trust one of the many local tour agencies on South Padre Island to show you exciting activities exclusive to the area. Check out some of the top tours in South Padre Island below:

The Original Dolphin Watch

During your stay on South Padre Island, there will be more than a single moment where you look out onto the water and wonder what lies beneath the waves. All kinds of aquatic critters can be found living along the shores of South Padre Island, including loveable dolphins. The best way to experience these incredible animals up close is with a tour with The Original Dolphin Watch. This local tour agency is the original tour guide that provides dolphin watching just off the coast. Each tour offers a fun and exciting way to learn all about dolphins. Your tour will include a boat ride on their spacious and comfortable double decker tour boats that even feature restrooms. The captain will describe the region’s history with dolphins and why they swim this way. Expect to see all kinds of exotic critters, including pelicans and fish just below the surface. The Original Dolphin Watch tours also has an eco part of the tour where animals local to the region are brought out to show young children. Best of all, the Original Dolphin Watch tours are offered at a budget friendly cost, so you do not have to spend your entire vacation budget. Don’t pass on these exciting tours!

Breakaway Cruises

Not all cruises are the same, so make sure to trust Breakaway Cruises with your South Padre Island tour needs. This tour agency is locally owned and operated. Similar to The Original Dolphin Watch tours, your trips with Breakaway Cruises are on spacious and relaxing boats that feature drinks and restrooms. Their tour offerings include dolphin cruises that also take you to the best spots to see these wonderful animals, but Breakaway Cruises also offers even more options for those interested. Take to the water for a wonderful fishing charter. Relax as you are driven around to areas around South Padre Island that are known for plentiful fish that are a joy to reel up. Since you are fishing in the Gulf, you can expect to reel in trophy size catches should you get lucky! Each tour guide will add humor and knowledge so you can have your best time on the water yet. You can find Breakaway Cruises located just behind Isla Blanca Park right here on South Padre Island.

South Padre Wind Adventures

Another way you can get out and explore the water surrounding South Padre Island is by sailing. Obviously, you probably won’t have your own sailboat, so book a tour with South Padre Wind Adventures. This local sailing charter will show you how to operate their incredible sail boats with a professional captain. These are smaller-sized sailboats, so the tours are not designed for large groups but instead one or two individuals looking to sail onto the water. Make sure to take advantage of this cost friendly tour when staying here on South Padre Island!

Osprey Cruises

If you are looking for a charter that offers all kinds of tour services, look no further than Osprey Cruises. This local tour agency offers all of the typical tours available on South Padre Island such as dolphin watching and eco tours but with additional services. Book your dolphin tour with Osprey Cruises in the evening for a romantic sunset cruise. The sun will lower over the horizon in the evening for a dazzling display of red, orange, and yellow colors that shine off the water. Osprey Cruises also offers thrilling sea fishing adventures where you can be taken to popular watering holes. All of the gear and tackle are provided along with the deep sea fishing poles. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, you can even have them clean up your fish for you. This is a great way to reel up something for dinner that you can cook up back at your vacation rental!

Tour Company Requirements

Each tour agency on South Padre Island is maintaining healthy and safety standards for the upcoming season. Please keep in mind you may be required to wear a mask on certain tours or cruises when around other individuals. Help keep South Padre Island safe!

No Better Time to Book

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and exciting tours ready to host you this summer in South Padre Island. Book today and get ready for your time in paradise!