How to Have a Luxury Weekend Getaway in South Padre Island

The uninitiated may not realize that South Padre Island is a prime vacation destination. South Padre Island is the top spot in Texas to get away from your regular days and relax thanks to its sandy beaches and gorgeous views. Your stay on South Padre Island can be made even better when you choose our luxury vacation rentals exclusive to the island. These properties are some of the finest that South Padre Island has to offer and will keep you close to other luxurious activities. Take a look at what you can find when you plan a luxury weekend getaway on South Padre Island:

Luxury Vacation Rentals

As we mentioned, our vacation rentals on South Padre Island are some of the best around. We offer properties that can fit any budget out there. However, our luxury rentals really do stand above the rest with unique home features and luxurious amenities. Some of our best homes are gigantic, featuring over 5,000 square feet and private beach access. These luxury homes can feature huge swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, outdoor showers, lush gardens, saunas, outdoor grills and kitchens, and so much more. Some of these luxury homes have gated entries where security guards patrol the area. Local community parks are just a few steps away, allowing you to access tennis and basketball courts. You simply cannot go wrong when you choose our luxury properties on South Padre Island. Even local resorts cannot offer the number of amenities found in these homes.

Fine Dining Restaurants

When you visit South Padre Island, you will be happy to know that you will have a variety of fine dining restaurants from which to choose. Since we are on a barrier island, you can expect these restaurants to offer fresh seafood on the menu every day. Liam’s Steak House & Oyster Bar is considered by some locals to be the best fine dining experience you can have on South Padre Island. This charming steakhouse features prime cuts of steak along with a variety of seafood options such as king crab, salmon, oysters, and much more. The selection of wine is second to none, allowing you to find the perfect pairing to your meal. While there are no beachside views found at Liam’s Steak House & Oyster Bar, you will find an elegant nautical theme inside with a romantic ambiance to pair with it. If having beachside views is a requirement for your meal, look no further than Sea Ranch. This fine-dining restaurant features wild-caught seafood, pasta, steak, and much more. You can easily see the marina from the second-floor patio deck. While the interior may not be as romantic, you can expect delicious food from Sea Ranch.

High-End Shopping

South Padre Island also features a variety of unique boutiques where you can find some high-end brands. A visit over to Renee’s of South Padre will help you find everything for which you are looking. This local boutique is known for always having cute clothing and décor on hand. You will notice that the boutique is typically always busy, as locals frequently find some of the best clothing here. Becky’s Place is another great local boutique where you can find a variety of women’s clothing. If you are looking for your next bathing suit to wear to the beach, look no further than Island Style Surf Sports. While the name may sound like a place where you can find college-age surfers, it also features high-end bathing suits for purchase. Calypso is a boutique where you can find jewelry along with clothing. Pick out the perfect accessory to accompany your new outfit.

Spa Experience

Travelers can also find time to rest and heal when they visit South Padre Island. There are a variety of luxurious spas available to help you find peace and relaxation. Medical Spa of South Padre Island may have a serious-sounding name but offers a variety of services such as massages, skincare treatments, and natural healing exercises. When you visit the Crystal Rose Salon & Spa, you can receive your typical spa package along with salon services. Touch up your hair and receive a pedicure while you wait on your next skin care treatment. A quick stop into one of these spas will have you feeling like a whole new person!

South Padre Island Is Waiting

As you can see, there is plenty to see and do when you book a luxury weekend getaway to South Padre Island. You can start planning by reserving one of our exclusive luxury rentals here on the island. Expect to find amenities not found at any local resort. Book today and see how luxurious a trip to South Padre Island can be!